After The Fire Lost His House, The Dog Was Still There Waiting For People To Return

Dogs are very loyal animals and have a special love for humans❤

Dogs may be aband.o.n.ed by their owners, but they will never leave you because you are everything to them.

The couple returned the location of their abandoned home in Paradise, California, according to K9 Paw Print Rescue, an animal rescue non-profit headquartered in the Bay Area, which posted the news on Facebook.

They wrote on social media, “They prayed and hoped he would be OK.” When they finally received permission to return to their burned house, Madison was waiting there for them as if he were guarding his previous home.

Madison, the dog was eagerly waiting for her to return home when Andrea Gaylord (Madison’s human) returned to her house in Paradise, California.

Andrea Gaylord phoned Shayla Sullivan, a volunteer animal rescuer, in the hopes that Madison had survived the fire.

Sullivan’s initial assignment was to track down and take care of Miguel, Gaylord’s second dog. Madison and Miguel are brothers.

When the orders to evacuate were lifted, Gaylord went back home to check the damage for herself. Suprisinglly, when she got to the property, Madison was waiting for her.

Madison was reunited with his family and in good condition.
Gaylord said, “Imagine the loyalty of hanging on and waiting in the worst of situations. It was quite emotional,

With nearly 18,000 structures burned and 85 confirmed d.e.a.t.hs, the Camp Fire in Northern California was the d.e.a.d.liest wildfire in state history. Numerous locals were forced to leave behind their homes and possessions as the wildfires spread. Pets had to be abandoned in some unfortunate situations when families left.

Let’s hope that Madison the dog and his family have happy lives. Animals are precious. We must preserve them and treat them with the respect love they deserve.

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