A kind 4-legged dog intervenes to scratch an itch for a 3-legged dog that can’t do it on its own

It’s a glimpse of the affection between two adorable dogs.❤️

A touching moment began to unfold before Myriam Rangel’s eyes as she passed a grocery store near her home in Tepic, Mexico.

Rangel saw a dog trying to scratch an itch with his missing hind leg. But the dog tried in vain because its hind leg was missing a leg.

Rangel wasn’t the only one who saw the moment and understood as it quickly became clear, a 4-legged dog appeared.

Rangel watched his 4-legged friend approach the 3-legged dog and began giving him the elusive scratch.

It was a touching act of kindness.❤️

Rangel initially thought these were stray or abandoned dogs because Rangel also regularly feeds stray dogs in the area.

However, after sharing the above video online, many locals said the dogs do indeed have owners — possibly someone selling goods at the market they went to work with.

While there are still some unanswered questions about the dogs’ origins and families, the moment about the two dogs’ relationship is still powerful.

Watch the touching moment video below

Source: The Dodo

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