A Homeless Dog Who Has Been Wandering Around At A Gas Station For Many Years Gets A Real Bed For The First Time

The two-year-old dog has only known life outside the gas station.

The life of dogs wandering the streets is difficult, many dogs have to live such a wandering situation for even years before someone comes to help.

In Ukraine, rescuer and founder of the Love Furry Friends dog rescue organization has made it his mission to help as many stray or abused dogs as possible.

When Love Furry Friends lifeguards received word of a dog living at a gas station, the workers knew they had to step in and help. It is thought that the dog has lived there for several years and will approach people who get gas for food.

Upon arriving at the gas station, rescuers discovered that the dog had had several litters of puppies at the gas station and had survived there all his life. She knew she couldn’t leave the dog there any longer so she approached the puppy

Thankfully, the dog was happy to get the attention and was eager to accompany the rescuer to the vet. Despite living on the street, the little dog, named Linda, is not afraid of people and seems to enjoy being around people.

Linda is tested and very healthy, despite having many fleas. The vet guessed she was about two years old. After a day at the dog spa, Linda was bathed, groomed and at her best!

The pet dog has gone home to the rescuer and is sleeping in his bed for the first time. She loves it! It wasn’t long before she got used to the wiring and lived in a house.

After the rescue shared her photo on social media, Linda found a wonderful family to call her very personal. We are so happy for her!

Watch her story in the video below:

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