A Boat Full Of Schoolkids Rescue A Dro.wn.ing Wild Kitten

The whole incident was filmed by the young people

On the way to school by boat a group of students from the state of Sao Paulo brazil saw an animal in distress struggling in despair in the vast ocean.

The children on board saw and informed Captain Jean Claude Mendes and the captain decided to act and steer the ship closer to the struggling animal.

As the boat drew closer he and the young men on board noticed that the creature was a feral cat trying to escape from the open waters.

The ship gradually approached, the feral cat noticed it swam towards the ship to ask for help and very quickly Captain Jean Claude Mendes brought the feral cat safely on board with the help of young people.

Mendes and his friends then carried the cat to the dry land on the shore where the cat was headed. Hopefully the cat’s family is waiting there.

Authorities have been keeping an eye on the area.

According to Sergeant Augusto of the environmental police, it is very important to bring the feral cat to the right place because this is the natural habitat of this cat for a long time

Mendes then said. ” she swam in despair when she noticed the ship approaching she swam towards the ship for help, it’s great to have rescued the cat with the help of the young people.

It was an unforgettable moment that Captain Jean Claude Mendes and the young people had experienced.

Here is that moment on video:

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