A 19 Year Old Girl Saw Her Dog’s Face In The Clouds After The Dog ‘Lo.st’

Pets are man’s best friends – they are family…!❤️

It will be very surprising if one day, your pet leaves you for the Rainbow Bridge, a meadow where animals wait for humans to merge and then enter Paradise together. We all hope then that our pet lives a happy life there!

While we all hope for the best, saying goodbye is never easy!

Lucy Ledgeway is a 19 year old girl from York, England. She and her dog Sunny are close companions who have shared so many memories of both funny and troubled times with her beloved pet.

Sunny left Lucy forever, that time she was very sad and always remembered Sunny, at that time she felt like everything was empty.

One day Lucy drove to a place where she used to walk her dog, Sunny. Lucy got out of the car because she wanted to feel her dog’s presence.

She was thinking about Sunny at the time and then she looked up at the sky for signs that her dog was okay. And all of a sudden she saw her dog’s face in the sky!

Lucy couldn’t believe her eyes and she felt like Sunny was standing in front of her, until the dog’s face disappeared she burst into tears!

Maybe that’s Sunny’s way of telling her that he’s okay and in a better place.

After the girl calmed down, she had a warm feeling when she saw her dog’s face in the sky.

The girl hopes that all your lost pets will be safe in heaven!!!

🌈🐈 Furbabies are the best and hardest goodbyes. ❤🐾💔

God is telling you that your sweet furry friends are in Heaven, and very happy and waiting for you as long as possible… 🤗💕

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