89-year-old woman knits 450 blankets and coats for shelter animals

This woman is all love ❤️

Animal shelters are places that, although they fulfill a great function, are not ideal places for an animal to live there for the rest of its life. There are some shelters that are certainly better than others, especially because their facilities and resources are much better.

For a shelter to be in good condition and controlled is a bit difficult since every day there are more abandoned animals that become strays, which means that these associations have to go to rescue them and take them to their facilities so that they stay there until they are adopted. This is a problem because in all these places there are more animals that enter than animals that are adopted.

A very positive part for the animals that live there is that these shelters accept volunteers so that they can help them with their tasks, such as cleaning the area where the animals are, feeding them, walking them, spending time with them and playing, among others. other things.

These types of activities make the animals that live in the shelters get used to and be more sociable with people because if these places prohibited the entry of volunteers, the animals would end up becoming reluctant to human contact and this should not happen.

In addition to volunteers, these places also accept outside help from anyone who wants to help. This is precisely what our protagonist today did, an 89-year-old woman named Maisie Green. This woman has a hobby of knitting, so she thought it was a good idea to start creating blankets and coats for the dogs at her local shelter.

In total, she knitted 450 blankets and coats all to give to these poor canines so they wouldn’t be cold when winter came. It’s a great idea!

On the other hand, the DogS Trust charity was totally amazed by the hard work and dedication that Maisie put into making so many coats and blankets so she decided to release a statement through Instagram where she said, “Local dog lover Maisie Green , 89, hand knitted dog blankets and coats for Dogs Trust Basildon.

Maisie Green is a person to admire since during the year she donates the creations she has made three times, although she does ask her family for a favor to take all these things to the place where the shelter is located because she herself does not can.

The work that she does is admirable, she has not given up in all the years that she has been knitting blankets, coats and blankets for the shelter dogs, so she has made a total of 450 pieces in all these years.

For her part, Maisie Green seems that she is delighted to do this job since in addition to being a dog lover she loves to do things and knit quietly. She only needs three days to make a blanket and only one day to make a coat. Of course, it is a very entertaining activity that we are sure she will continue to do for many more years.

The work that this woman does weaving every day of the year is wonderful, not everyone would take the trouble to do this kind of thing. It is for this reason that the Dogs Trust is grateful for Maisie’s donations and great support as canines can enjoy warm clothing to be more comfortable in winter.

The truth is that we should all follow the example of this woman because despite her 89 years she continues to collaborate day after day to help the homeless animals in what she can. For this reason it is important that there are volunteers in shelters and shelters because that way the animals feel more comfortable and gain trust in people.

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