21 species of animals that radiate happiness and tenderness with their young

Being parents is a whole mix of emotions. For family feelings and concerns are essential characteristics in every human being. However, these animals that radiate happiness for becoming a father or a mother, carry out this work with a lot of personality. These express beautiful feelings, with a sincerity and intensity that melts us when we see them.

In this article you will see how much these parents of different species love their precious babies. These 21 images of animal parents will make our hearts happy and make us want to give them lots of love.

1- A young photographer, made a photo session for a dog that was pregnant, this dog is called Lilica. In this shoot, which the photographer did as a joke, she blew her mind when she saw how photogenic and radiant the 4-legged mom looked.

2- Definitely this pair of furry ones are made for each other. Father and son hugging each other with love.

3- But, we cannot forget that everyone has their idol in the family. That mother or father who look with such admiration at her children.

4- And where some families don’t feel like looking at the camera too much.

5- While other mothers are much more photogenic and are the clear example of an excellent maternal instinct.

6- Where of course the mother is happiness always. Of course, this she must be hugged when she is next to her.

7- Sometimes the father celebrates the joy of being the father with phrases on his hat like this: I’m dad! Congratulations.

8- And they become for their children a father with a really incredible strength.

9- But never stop being the faithful friend to play and do many more crazy things.

10- Waiting at the airport is also a very valid option for the family.

11- However, order at mealtimes is very valuable in the family.

12- But, it does not matter if you are not the same as the others, they will accept you in any way.

13- Well, it’s not relevant if you’re not his son. Such is the case of this mother goose with her puppy.

14- And although the children are of another species, there is no discrimination in their hearts.

15- Even when she is not a child. But a toy also deserves to be cared for and give it a lot of love.

16- Because, when the force of maternal or paternal love appears, there is nothing and no one to stop it.

17- And with this strength, the pride that a mother feels also appears.

18- Even the strength to hold on until these little ones fall asleep.

19- Many times someone arrives who shows a much greater paternal love…

20- But that he loves all his children equally.

21- Where sometimes grandmothers and grandfathers are also part of the upbringing.

Now to you, what do you think is the most maternal photograph? Or, which one seemed more paternal to you? Leave us your comment to find out which of these animals that radiate happiness you liked the most. You can also send us to our social networks some images that you think are much better than these. And you can share with your friends and family so they can get to see these beautiful photos.

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