Young man carries the dog on his back while he works cleaning windshield

He never leaves his dog, they are always together.🤗

The affection that a puppy and a human can have is too great. On some occasion, it is so big that the place, the context, or the difficult situations do not matter for the two to think about separating. And it is that dogs do not care about the economic situation or the reality of their owners.

They will always be faithful and will be there to give love and affection. Even if it is about accompanying their owners to work.

A video was recently released that showed how a puppy loves his owner so much that he is able to spend the entire working day with him. It is about a young man who cleans the windshields at a traffic light in a city in Peru, according to reports.

The record shows the young man doing his job and cleaning windshields of stopped cars. While on his back he carries his little friend, a puppy that does not take off from him for a second. According to the video recorded by the TikTok user, Ximena, at first you can’t see where the puppy is.

But when the young man begins to walk and turns around, it can be seen that she is carrying him as if he were a baby, with a bag tied to his back. Most likely, this young man has to work for hours at that traffic light. Until you collect enough money that will help you survive during the day.

That is why he prefers to carry him on his back and work, so as not to leave him alone for a minute.

In addition, it can be seen from the images that it is a small puppy, a stage in a dog’s life in which the maximum attention and concern is necessary so that they can grow healthy and be raised in good shape.

Below you can see the video where this young man is working with his dog on his back:

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