Papa lion crouches down to meet his new cub for first time!

He saying “look at daddy when I talk to you”. 💕

…but he just trying to see if it’s his, so he needed a closer look. 🤣😂

That is so sweet and adorable!💕🥰

It’s hard for us to imagine, especially when we see a tiny lion cub. Of course, they’re not something a human should ever approach without expertise AND protection, but they do look pretty cuddly.

This cutie was born on July 25, 2019, at the Denver Zoo. Zoos often do good work to preserve them (though you may disagree with how it’s done or how unnatural their surroundings look).

The zoo showed the sweet first meeting between baby Tatu and his father Tobias in a sweet video.

But there’s a reason meeting dad wasn’t a straightforward experience.

Not all males are gentle around their cubs. For zookeepers, introducing a new member of the pride can be an anxious experience. In fact, in the wild, males sometimes [k.i.ll] cubs in order to preserve their own genetic line.

Of course, that’s not common with their own cubs (since they share genes) – but there’s a moment when a father meets his cub that he has to realize it IS his own.

That’s the moment the proves to be a [nail-bi.ter] for people. No one wants to see a misidentification happen!

Tobias immediately recognize Tatu as his own, but the proud father nearly made us cry with his reaction.

Daddy lion’s posing to see his new cub for first time is quite amazing 🤩 😊🤗

How sweet 💕🥰

He got as low as he could. And this lion daddy is so precious getting down to that Cubs level!! ♥️♥️

Such tenderness—animals are awesome and need to be protected and respected.❤️

Watch the heart-melting moment here: Heart…Melted. 💕💕

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