Man travels the world with his three cats

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Traveling with pets for people seems complicated, and many times impossible. And it is that the laws to travel with them on planes do not accommodate many people. Well, they must travel together with the luggage.

In fact, there is a worldwide movement called We Are Not Luggage, where owners demand that they be able to travel with their animals in the cabin.

However, these rules seem to be becoming more flexible every time, or at least that’s what people who manage to travel the world with their pets have shown.

Such is the case of Mocha, Donut and Sponge Cake, three adorable kittens who visit impressive places in the company of their owner. Through his account on the social networks of Instagram and TikTok, his owner is in charge of showing the world the routes that he manages to take with his three kittens.

Where you can see them on planes, tours and incredible landscapes. Thanks to the support of special backpacks for pets and leashes, this man has been able to visit places like Venice, New York, Milan and Paris, among many other destinations that kittens have been lucky enough to visit.

Of course, this trio is not indifferent to any tourist, let alone cat lovers. That is why in many places where they visit, people approach them to pet them, take a picture of them or simply congratulate their owner for the care they have.

While it is unknown what this man had to do to travel with his three cats. Apparently it has not been a problem for him to take them on planes. A situation that other people in the world cannot share and have struggled to have their animals in the cabin.

The story of these kittens serves to show that animals are not luggage, they are living beings.

Share this video with your friends and family. So that they can see that it is possible to travel by plane with animals, although he does not explain the conditions or what he had to do to achieve it. But power, you can.

Below you can see the video where these three kittens are seen traveling the world by plane:

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