Homeless dog is brought tot the pet store and gets everything he touches

King is a 12-year-old dog who had a rough life – he was abandoned on the streets and hit by a car, resulting in the loss of one leg. Despite his hardships, he is currently doing well. One day, Rocky Kanaka, the TV host for Dog’s Day Out, came across King’s story and decided to do something special for him. He took King to a pet store and allowed him to pick out anything and everything he touched – a shopping spree fit for a king!

As King had never been to a pet store before and probably had never seen a toy, his excitement was off the charts. Rocky kept his promise and bought King everything he touched, even a giant cat tower. It was a heartwarming gesture for a dog in need of a forever home.

The video of King’s shopping spree is a must-see and showcases the joy that can be brought to animals with small acts of kindness.

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