Diver let a shrimp clean his teeth while swimming

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There is no doubt that marine life is the most interesting for us humans. Not only because we look for large amounts of food there, but also because of all the wonders it holds. However, you have to be very careful. Well, they are at home and have their way of living, something we should avoid getting into. But since it seems natural to challenge nature. This is how we know divers, people who spend much of their time swimming and investigating what is in the middle of so much water.

One of the species that is most seen are the cleaner shrimp and they are called that because they clean the remains of food between the teeth of the fish. An activity that is useful for marine life and that makes it easier for them to find the food they need to survive. But this ability seems to not only benefit fish. But also to humans. At least, this was demonstrated by a daring diver who let a shrimp walk all over his mouth.

Through the Twitter social network account, @AmazingNature00, it was seen how the man looks for the animal and opens his mouth, instinctively the animal approaches and begins to rummage. It is understandable that some dental treatments are expensive in many parts of the world. But it’s hard to determine if you want something that is constantly on everyone’s lips.

However, the shrimp doesn’t care about that and is on its way to do its job pacing all over its mouth, from side to side, cleaning and foraging for food. Of course, for the users of this social network that is something rare and not many agreed with the cleaning system. Although it is natural it can also be messy.

However, others took the opportunity to joke about the particular occasion, such as one user who wrote, “the prawns: since when do you not brush your teeth man?”. In addition, there was no shortage of those who saw a business opportunity and assured that they could offer the service at high costs as a ‘special cleaning’. Until now we don’t know how good he has been, let’s hope that his teeth have been cleaned and he has not had health problems.

You can watch the video of this diver letting a shrimp clean his teeth below:

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