Angel was seen saving a stray dog on the way home from school

The events unfolded rapidly, yet the impact was profound. During a damp and gloomy day last week, Mayane Rodrigues caught sight of a beautiful scene unfolding outside the window of her apartment in Brazil.

From a distance, Rodrigues observed a young girl pausing on the rainy sidewalk while walking home from school. The girl put down her umbrella, removed her backpack, and then took off her coat. As Rodrigues looked on, she saw a sopping-wet stray puppy at the girl’s feet and realized it was all for the pup.

Rodrigues watched in awe as the girl lifted the pup in her arms and continued on her way. To Rodrigues, the girl was like an angel, and the scene left a lasting emotional impact.

“It was a whirlwind of emotions,” Rodrigues shared with The Dodo. “I quickly sent the video to a friend who shared it with a community group, and that’s how I found out who the angel was.”

The angel in question is a 12-year-old girl named Cibely Stiegelmair, who had saved a life that day.

“When she arrived with the puppy, she was drenched in sweat and rain,” recounted Rejane Stiegelmair, Cibely’s mother, to The Dodo. “There was blood on her shirt, and I thought she had been injured. But she told me she found the puppy hurt.”

Thankfully, the little pup’s injuries were not severe, and a little love and care were all it took to nurse it back to health. Upon seeing the puppy all alone, Cibely knew she had to take matters into her own hands and give it the love and care it deserved.

“Cibely has a heart of gold and has always felt tremendous empathy for stray dogs,” Rejane stated. “If she could, she would bring them all home with her.”

Pretinha, the puppy whom Cibely rescued and named, has been warmly welcomed into the family’s home. Although it’s unclear how Pretinha ended up stranded on the sidewalk that day, one thing is certain thanks to Cibely: her future is looking bright.

“As parents, we have always been proud of Cibely,” her mother shared. “And now, even more so!”

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