Adorable Pitbull Puppy So Happy To Leave Shelter That Her Tail Won’t Stop Wagging

A Pitbull puppy named Matilda was dropped off at Douglas County Animal Shelter. It didn’t take long for the staff at the shelter to notice that something was uniquely special about her. The little pup was constantly happy, wagging her tail almost nonstop.

This is out of the ordinary because Matilda had a rough start at life. Her first two months was as a stray in Georgia. When someone finally rescued her, she had stomach worms and irritations all over her skin. Despite all her ailments, her little tail was still wagging.

Everyone fell in love with little Matilda. The shelter posted a video of her (you can watch it at the bottom of this article) and the internet fell in love too! The only thing that got her tail to stop wagging was when they put a collar on her! But they quickly figured out that she her skin just didn’t agree with it! Easy fix!

Apart from her aversion to collars, Matilda is loving her life at her first foster home. She loves napping with her new siblings and playing with her toys. She has even managed to befriend her new neighbors.

We wish Matilda the best of luck as she is on her journey to a forever home.

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